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Thank you for your interest in my Interior Design Services. Please fill out the questionnaire below in order to facilitate our consultation. Once I receive this information, you will be contacted within two business days to schedule your complementary phone consultation. Although some questions may not appear applicable to your project, all information requested is designed to help formulate a vision of what you are looking for and the overall scope of the project as well as provide insights to how I can best assist you. Completing this questionnaire prior to our consultation will allow more time to focus directly on your specific project, needs and expectations. At a minimum, questions with asterisk are required to schedule a consultation.

Please also review My Local Interior Design Process and/or My Virtual Design Process prior to our phone consultation and I will address any additional questions you may have at this time.

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Family Home ManagerWork full time outside the homeWork part-time outside the homeSelf-employed Home BusinessSmall Business OwnerRetiredSemi-RetiredTemporarily unemployedFull time MomCaregiverWorld TravelerEntrepreneur

Which type of service are you interested in?*
Virtual Design PackageLocal Design ServiceA combination of Both

If inquiring about Virtual Design, which package best meets your needs? Click here to review Virtual Design packages.
Just ColorFinishing TouchesMoving OnI would like to customize a package to better meet my needs.

If you wish to customize a package, which of the above packages comes closest to meeting your needs? Describe how this package could be revised to better suit your needs.

If inquiring about Local Design Service, which of the following best meets your needs? Click here to review Local Design Service packages.
ConsultationRenovationNew Home Construction

Please provide a description of your project. Please include approximate square footage.*

What factors in your life made you consider pursuing this project?

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Who will be living in the home? Please list all adults, children and ages as well as pets. Make note of any special needs.*

Which of the following statements are applicable to the scope of your project? Check all that apply.
I am in the planning stages of a renovation/new build and would like a space analysis before signing a contract with a general contractor.I am in the planning stages of a renovation/new build and would like to make some preliminary material selections to base contract allowances so there are no big surprises down the road.I have already signed a contract for a renovation/new build and need help with color and material selections. I am not sure if the allowances in my contract covers everything I would actually like to incorporate.I need full design specifications and required drawings for all color and material selections for a new build including exterior selections, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, counter tops, lighting, tile designs, architectural details and paint colors.I am working with a builder who has predetermined limited selections and would like the assistance of an interior designer so I make the right choices for my situation.I am downsizing and need help planning for a smooth transition.I am interested in incorporating smart design decisions now so that I am able to stay in my home for as long as I wish.I need a floor plan incorporating existing and new furniture prices required.I hope to use mostly existing furnishings for this project but may need some new pieces.I plan to buy mostly new furnishings for this project and would like designer assistance.I need someone to give me some basic design advice and come up with a plan that I can carry through on my own.I like to be actively involved in the design process and don't mind doing some of the running around work. However, I want a designer's expertise to make sure what I put together is working.I have a busy life and I just want my designer to make it happen. Once I approve the proposal, I do not want to be actively involved in the procurement/management of the project.I am interested in new paint colors for my walls to refresh my space and perhaps a few suggestions to jazz up my space.I am interested in custom window treatments to complete a room.I am ready to commit and get started on my project.I still have some questions and concerns to address before deciding if I am ready to move forward on my project.

How would you describe your decisiveness and design philosophy? Check all that apply.
I have a clear sense of my design direction and just need a designer to help implement my ideas.I know what my style preferences are but am open to direction.I am quick to make decisions after seeing something I like and do not have to see options.I prefer to see many options and choices before making a decision.I am not really sure what I want and am depending on you as a designer to guide me.I have a tendency to change my mind a lot.Just because I have not questioned or voiced an opinion opposed to a proposal does not necessarily mean that I have accepted it either. I just may not have ruled it out yet.

How would you describe the design style you would like to achieve? Check all that apply.
Comfortable, Relaxed and WelcomingSimple,Tailored with Clean LinesFresh, Clean and BoldContemporary ClassicUpdated TraditionalRelaxed EleganceModern GlamWhimsical and FunYin Yang (opposing opposites, old/new, rough/smooth, formal/informal, etc.Zen and SpaModern CountryFrench CountryEnglish CountryRustic LodgeIndustrial ChicMid CenturyScandinavianParisian SophisticateNeo ClassicalItalian/French VillaMoroccanTropicalModern CoastalOther Describe Below:

What are your preferred home furnishing brands and/or shopping venues?
AmazonAmbellaArtisticaBallardBernhardtBassettBest Home FurnishingsBroyhillCenturyChelsea HouseCustomDesign MasterDesign CentersEthan AllanFlexsteelFairfieldHancock and MooreHammaryHickory WhiteHigh End Designer ResourcesHookerHorchowIkeaJonathan CharlesJoybirdLaneLazy BoyLexingtonLocal Retail StoresMaitland SmithNatuzziNorwalkOne of a kind findsOnline ResourcesPottery BarnPulaskiScan DesignStanfordRestoration HardwareStanleyThomasvilleTRSVanguardWayfairunsureOther

What is your preferred paint brand?
Sherwin WilliamsBenjamin MoorePorter PaintBehr PaintNo preferenceOther

Is there a particular combination of colors that evokes a personal POSITIVE emotion? Please describe.

Is there a particular combination of colors that evokes a personal NEGATIVE emotion? Please describe.

If I were to peek into your clothing closet, which three colors would I primarily see?

What color are your eyes? Be as descriptive as you wish.

Are there any colors and/or objects that have a specific religious or cultural significance to you that should be considered in the choices we make or not make in the decorating of your home? Please explain.

What type of art work do you prefer? Check all that apply.
Photo realismImpressionismAbstractGraphicSurrealismPhotographicClassicalLandscapeFigurativeAnimalsCoastalTropicalWhimsicalBotanicalFloralOriginal Oil PaintingsOriginal AcrylicOriginal WatercolorOriginal PastelReproductions

Which Interior Design magazines, websites and/or TV shows do you favor?

Do you entertain a lot? And what is your entertaining style?

How much are you willing/able to invest in this project and what do you expect to receive within that budget?

If the end result you are hoping for exceeds your current budget, are you willing to do the project in phases to achieve your goal? Or would you have the ability to increase your budget? YesMaybeNo, I prefer to compromise some of my original desires and complete the project within the original budget.

What is your time frame for the project? Do you have a special event coming up I need to be aware of?*

Have you worked with an interior designer before? If so, what was that experience like for you? What benefit did it offer you? What part of the experience did you not like?*

How did you hear about Terri Davis Art & Design?*

Please list three possible dates and times (EST) which would work best for you to schedule our complimentary 30 minute phone consultation.

How do you prefer to conduct our consultation?

You have the option to upload up to 5 photos of your project for us to reference during the consultation. (Max file size 2mb)