Terri’s Virtual Design Process

Virtual Design, aka as e-design, is a delivery service of a remote design concept for your project through the internet which is best suited for individuals who are seeking professional design advice and direction but wish to execute the project on their own. This service is available to both local and long distance clients. Local clients within the Tampa Bay Area who purchase a package have the option of requesting onsite assistance for an additional hourly rate of $75.00.

The following steps are what you can expect to experience if you choose the route of a virtual design package with Terri Davis Art & Design.

STEP 1 – Review Design Packages

Decide which virtual design package comes closest to meeting your needs.  I have developed three basic packages which are based on my most requested services. These packages serve as a springboard to give you an idea of the starting cost for a particular type of service but can also be customized and tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, they are designed in such a way they can build on each other and be combined to offer more complete planning services to your project. You can review packages here.

STEP 2 – Client Questionnaire

If you are ready to move forward on your project or just want to chat before making a decision, I offer a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation. To schedule a phone consult, submittal of my Client Questionnaire is required. The more complete you fill out this form, the more time it will allow for us to explore the needs, wants and goals of your project. The goal of this phone consultation is to help us both decide if we are a good fit to proceed with your project. We will also discuss any customization you may desire to the package that best fits your needs so I can prepare a revised proposal for you if necessary.

STEP 3 – Terms and Policy Approval

To proceed with your project, a signature approval of my Virtual Design Terms and Policies along with full payment of your package is required. Package pricing is non-refundable. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

STEP 4 – Welcome and Let’s Get Started Packet

Upon receipt of the Virtual Design and Policies as well as full payment , a packet will be delivered with instructions of things I will need from you. This packet will include a questionnaire and/or inventory sheet specific to your package plan, instructions on how to share photos of your space and graph paper with directions to provide necessary measurements and/or details that I will need to design your space. Also, I encourage you to share any inspiration pictures you may have gathered on Houzz or Pinterest with specific notation of what you wish to communicate. Things you do not like are as helpful as things that you do like. Once all these materials are received, we will schedule a skype appointment where we can review together the details of your project. I am diligent to spend adequate time in information gathering and establish communication channels which will ensure that the designs I provide uniquely fulfill your needs, desires and budget.

STEP 5 – Design Development

During the preliminary design development you will be given the opportunity to preview some of the selections for your project prior to the final presentation. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a particular selection, up to two other options will be presented for approval prior to finalizing the plan. Depending on the specific package plan you purchase, digital color and material boards, space planning, elevations and/or color stories will be provided that adequately describe the project along with specific links for purchasing as required. It is important to understand that colors may be distorted on your computer screen. You can rest assured that all major color selections made for your project will be chosen from actual samples.

STEP 6 – Final Design Presentation

It is important to me that you are happy with the final presentation of your project. If there is anything that you are unhappy with, I offer one revision at no charge within one week after final presentation. Every effort is made to specify product that is currently available. However, should any product become unavailable, I will provide an alternate selection up to one month after final presentation. I will also be available for one month after presentation for phone or email support if any question should arise concerning your delivered design concept. Any other changes or requests beyond those time periods will incur an additional hourly fee of $150.00.

STEP 7 – Now your work begins!

My virtual design services will provide you professional direction in coming up with the right solutions to solve your decorating dilemmas. You will save money by preventing wrong choices on your own as well as the cost of full design service. However, the final project success lies in your hands to implement all the ideas laid out before you. Even if you cannot do all of it at once, the plan will keep you on track and help you invest your monies wisely.


The storyboard below is a preliminary design concept done for a young couple accommodating a small studio apartment for two.


Click here to see more studio designs!

On a Personal Note

I believe that our surroundings have a profound effect on us and that everyone deserves a home that enhances their life whether the home is large or small or the budget is high or low.

My approach differs from some Interior Designers in that I do offer a menu of services that does not demand total control of all the steps of the design process. My desire is to meet you where you are at with your needs, goals and budget and provide you with direction and solutions which will propel you forward in transforming your life and home. I welcome both small and large projects.

I believe successful design does not always equate with the amount of money spent, rather it’s how all the elements are put together…and sometimes what is edited out.

Although there is no denying a healthy budget is a good thing, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get creative with a tight budget. I am also experienced enough to advise you when your expectations within your budget are not feasible and offer suitable options when possible. Almost all projects require some degree of compromise. I will guide you where your investments will be best realized.

The Interior Design process is a partnership which requires good communication, mutual respect and trust. The most successful projects are ones where there is both a clear understanding and an openness of mind between both parties of the goals and style direction of a project. Clients need to trust in a designer when they may not always be able to see the vision and are sometimes pushed a little beyond their comfort zone. Likewise, it is imperative that a designer truly listen to the needs, goals and budget of the client. This is my promise to you and the type of client whom I work best with.