1. This service is for online design consulting. It is best suited for individuals who want to be actively involved in the management of their project. Some knowledge of how to use a measuring tape, take photos and computer skills of communication are necessary. You do not have to be tech savvy, as step by step directions will be given. But you do have to have a willingness to step out if these are things with which you are not routinely familiar.

2. Terri Davis Virtual Design is not responsible for the execution of design concepts provided. Online design consulting is a service intended to kick start your project and may or may not meet all your needs for a particular project. Virtual Design, aka as e-design, is becoming an increasingly popular concept. You will save money on the enormous time a designer spends on travel, execution and management, and receive the “meat” of the creative vision, the design concept. Contrary to what some may say, you are not necessarily receiving design for less, just taking less of a designer’s time in execution of a design concept which will cost you less in the long run. It is a win-win situation making good design available to all. You are pointed in the right direction, but it is up to you to follow through. Virtual Design Services are intended to get you moving in the right direction and may not address every aspect of a project as it unfolds.

3. Terri Davis Virtual Design will supply instructions for the taking of measurements for the space to be designed, but the client is responsible for providing accurate dimensions.

4. Terri Davis Virtual Design will supply a questionnaire and information packet which will cover the parameters of the specific design package purchased. Any changes to the original design package purchased may incur an additional charge.

5. Terri Davis Virtual Design will not be responsible for the means, methods, or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery, & installation, or safety precautions in connection with its Online Services, for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any, subcontractor, supplier, or other person performing the work of Online Service; or, for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

6. When appropriate, Terri Davis Virtual Design will provide links for suggested products for your project that may connect you to a third party vendor. Terri Davis Virtual Design assumes no responsibility or liability for your purchasing experience with third party vendors and recommends you review their policies before committing to any purchase. On occasion, it is possible a suggested link will be an affiliate link of which Terri Davis Virtual Design will receive a small commission.. If you purchase from an affiliate link Terri Davis Virtual Design will receive a small commission for your purchase. We will always make you aware of such circumstance and provide an alternative link upon request if you prefer. In some cases where appropriate and/or possible, products will be specified by manufacturer and item number giving the client the option to shop the product on their own for best pricing or for reference if they prefer to use local vendors. Client preferences will be determined through the initial questionnaire upon purchase of a virtual design package. In all situations, Terri Davis Virtual Design will endeavor to specify products and sources that are in the best interest of the client and their project.

7. All drawings provided by Terri Davis Virtual Design are to be considered conceptual to convey the finished design and are not intended for construction purposes. Any drawings provided will be sufficient to present to a contractor or workroom to convey the overall design desired and to receive estimates if desired. All measurements are to be verified on site by any contactor or supplier before any final bids for materials or labor are submitted.

8. Terri Davis Virtual Design offers up to three single reselections of your project provided that they are requested within a one week period after presentation. In the event an approved product becomes unavailable, a reselection will be provided at no charge within a one month period of final design concept acceptance. Any further requests or changes beyond these allowances will incur an additional charge at a hourly rate of $150.00.

9. Terri Davis Virtual Design offers complimentary email support for any questions you have concerning your virtual design package for one full month following full acceptance of the proposed design.

10. Terri Davis Virtual Design service will not commence on behalf of the client until payment is received in full and all questionnaires and information required are submitted.

11. There are no refunds issued on Online Services.

12. Terri Davis Virtual Design Packages are available to Local clients who wish to also have more on site face-to-face assistance. There is an additional hourly charge of $75.00 for onsite visits within the Tampa Bay Area.

13. Terri Davis Virtual Design reserves the right to use any project drawings and/or photos for promotion of design services on social media or this website with the explicit guarantee that client privacy will be protected.

14. Terri Davis Virtual Design is a division of TL Design + Associates, Inc. For purposes of this agreement, Terri Davis Virtual Design , Terri Davis Art + Design and TL Design + Associates, Inc. shall be considered synonymous and interchangeable.

Thank You for considering Virtual Design Services offered by Terri Davis!

I look forward to helping you make your home a place that makes your heart smile!