Terri’s Local Interior Design Process

It is my mission to provide a roadmap to create a beautiful home that integrates and functions seamlessly with your personal lifestyle and needs. All successful design projects follow a basic process although there are variations in which an interior designer may work. The following steps are what can be expected as part of your experience working with Terri Davis Art & Design.

Step 1 – Client Questionnaire

Once you are ready to start your project or if you just want to chat before making a decision, I offer a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation. To schedule a phone consult, submittal of the Client Questionnaire is required. It is recommended that you fill out the form as completely as possible to make the best use of the 30 minute consultation in order to explore your needs, wants and goals for your project. If we decide to move forward together, we will discuss how we can both prepare for an onsite consultation ensuring that it will be productive and value packed for your needs.

Step 2 – Onsite Consultation

All projects, regardless of size, start with an onsite consultation at a flat rate of $450.00 within the Tampa Bay Area. This allows for any preparation, meeting and follow up time not to exceed three hours.

This may be limited to a one-time consultation in regards to paint color selections, a custom window treatment or general design advice. Or, in other cases, may serve as a jump-start to a larger decorating, renovation or new construction project. The initial consultation will further define the objectives of your project and discuss design possibilities . Even if you decide not to continue with further design service, you will be given general design direction and ideas at the initial consultation which will kick start your project and propel you forward to achieving your goals.

Step 3 – Letter of Agreement

If you wish  to proceed further with your project, I will provide a Letter of Agreement outlining the scope of the next step and provide a flat fee for the preliminary design concept. The fee for a preliminary concept typically ranges from $1400.00 to $5000.00 and is based on the scope of the project , the number of rooms involved as well as your commitment  to a minimum expenditure for  the project through my direct resources.

Step 4 – Preliminary Design Concept

The preliminary concept will present creative ideas and products to define the direction of the project.  A floor plan is finalized along with elevation drawings, inspiration pictures and a mood board to create a big picture vision of your project and ensure we proceed in the right direction. Key features or products may be identified but every detail of the project may not yet be fully specified. A general color direction will be established although colors to be specified will not yet be finalized until all other selections are finalized. All drawings provided are to be considered conceptual and are not intended for construction purposes. However, conceptual drawings provided will adequately convey to a contractor the design direction and goal of the project for estimating and developmental purposes. Within the agreed upon flat fee for a preliminary concept, one revision will be provided up to 7 days after presentation at no charge. Any further changes may incur an additional hourly fee of $150.00.

Step 5 – Design Development

Once all parties have come to an agreement on the design direction, all color, material and product specifications are more fully finalized for the project. This phase will allow for specific showroom visits where applicable, review of design choices and any research and/or presentation time involved. All specifications will be provided in a format appropriate to the nature of the project. In the case of a whole house renovation or new build, this phase will be further broken down to a specific order of steps. These steps typically include all or part of the following: exterior selections, interior architectural elements, appliances, flooring, bath fixtures, tile designs, counter tops, cabinetry, hardware, furnishings, lighting fixtures, and paint colors. Each step will be assigned a flat fee with a specified amount of hours , including showroom visits where applicable, allowing for one revision . Any further revisions made after initial approvals may incur an additional hourly fee of $150.00.

Step 6 – Procurement and Management

Terri Davis Art & Design does not function as a general contractor for any project requiring construction. However, I am available as a client representative for the project to insure that designs are properly interpreted and executed by the contractor of your choosing. If you do not have a contractor you are considering for the project, I am happy to recommend contractors I believe would be well suited for your project. However, it is solely your decision who you decide to contract and in no way does Terri Davis Art and Design assume liability for the work of others. Likewise, non-construction design projects that require labor and materials for painting, flooring, cabinetry, etc., will be contracted directly between client and vendor. Terri Davis Art & Design will serve as a representative and coordinator in behalf of the client per project agreement.

During the procurement and management phase it is not unusual to run into some kind of snag. As your Interior Designer, it is my role to troubleshoot problems and work as part of a team with your contractor to resolve any issues that may come up. As part of our Letter of Agreement, I will include a minimum number of meetings and/or phone consultations with contractors and/or subcontractors at a flat fee to ensure the project starts out on the right foot or to resolve an unexpected issue. Any other consultation and/ or on site visits will be billed hourly at $150.00.

Terri Davis Art & Design maintains a variety of  trade resources to provide all your furnishing needs.  When necessary we also partner with local furniture stores and designer co-ops. We endeavor to offer you a wide variety of resources and competitive pricing with service that will  save you time,  stress, agony and uncertainty.

Step 7 – Finishing Touches

Now that the foundation of your design is in place, it is the finishing touches that will truly make your space shine and burst with your own personality.  No room is complete without appropriate window treatments , lighting and well thought out placement of art and accents.  These are the special touches that truly elevate a space.  Also be sure to check out my original art for sale on this site or I can help connect you with an artist’s work that may speak to you more directly. Terri Davis Art & Design will tailor services to your individual needs for coordinating and styling existing and new accents which will make your home sing!

Step 8 – Relax, Smile and Enjoy!

If you are on the journey of a larger project, you can expect there will be a few bumps  in the road.  There are some things in life that happen that are just beyond our control. If you are on this ride with me for the long haul, I make every effort to make those bumps as smooth as possible and easily forgotten. However, it is important that you fully understand I am a designer, not a magician. One thing will be for sure…. At the end, your heart will have a big smile as you enter your finished room or home that will welcome you with a big hug!

Still have questions about how I work? Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions.

On a Personal Note

I believe that our surroundings have a profound effect on us and that everyone deserves a home that enhances their life whether the home is large or small or the budget is high or low.

My approach differs from some Interior Designers in that I do offer a menu of services that does not demand total control of all steps of the design process. My desire is to meet you where you are with your needs, goals and budget and provide you with direction and solutions which will propel you forward in transforming your life and home. I welcome both limited consultations to help jump start your project as well as longer term projects offering more full design services.

I believe successful design does not always equate with the amount of money spent, rather it’s how all the elements are put together….and sometimes what is edited out.

Although there is no denying a healthy budget is a good thing, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get creative with a tight budget. I am also experienced enough to advise you when your expectations within your budget are not feasible and offer suitable options to fulfill the needs of the project. Almost all projects require some degree of compromise. I will guide you where your investments will be best realized.

The Interior Design process is a partnership which requires good communication, mutual respect and trust. The most successful projects are ones where there is both a clear understanding and an openness of mind between both parties of the goals and style direction of a project. Clients need to trust in a designer when they may not always be able to see the vision and are sometimes pushed a little beyond their comfort zone. Likewise, it is imperative that a designer truly listen to the needs, goals and budget of the client. This is my promise to you and the type of client whom I work with best.

The following video is a home that I worked on from the beginning of construction to the final finishing touches. This home is now sold and I am working with these same clients to downsize in a new home making changes that address the way they live their life now. The best testimonials I receive are clients who chose to work with me again years later on their new projects.