“I’ve worked with Terri off and on for the past seven years on the total remodel of my home. She really took the time to listen to what our vision of a home should feel and look like. I love that she approaches each job with a set of fresh and creative eyes but draws on past experiences to problem solve conceptual or architectural hurdles. With her design education and innate talent, along with her professional connections in the area, Terri made our dream a reality. She made our home beautiful, as well as comfortable and cozy, a place our family thoroughly enjoys spending time in. Terri is a professional who truly loves what she does. She takes pride in her work and therefore goes well beyond to make sure her clients are more than satisfied with the end result.” Renee E.


“My husband and I bought a home in Tampa that Terri had previously renovated and decorated. All of the selections and colors were perfect and there was not one thing we wanted or needed to change. I knew when my husband later had a job transfer outside the Orlando area that Terri was a designer who would be able to help transform our new home which fell short of our ideal. I have worked with several designers in the past, but no one has ever captured our personal taste and integrated it with style, function and the all important reverence for budget as she has. Every aspect of our home, from the exterior and interior colors, carpet, draperies, furnishings and even accessories flow with an effortless but sophisticated style. It’s truly enjoyable and comforting to be in such an oasis.

I am thankful for Terri’s willingness to make the numerous trips to Windemere and to hold my hand through to the finished outcome. I knew from being blessed to live in one of her previous works in Tampa that my faith and confidence was in a trusted and accomplished source!” Julie H.


“Terri has worked as the interior designer for all my clients for the past 13 years in both new construction and remodel projects from start to finish. She is a very talented designer, decorator and a great team player. She has complemented my business and been instrumental in my company’s success and in the winning of major awards from The Tampa Bay Home Builder’s Associations, The Parade of Homes and Dream Homes of Florida. She is committed, hardworking, creative and detail oriented. Best of all, Terri is a nice lady with exquisite taste.” Lee Fernandez, owner and General Contractor, Lee Fernandez Luxury Homes


“My boyfriend, Dustin and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country, Washington, DC. So, we made the decision for me to move in with him. The only problem was that he owns a 518 sq.ft. studio apartment and it was a complete bachelor pad! I personally have never lived in such a small space before, especially not with another person. So, I began to look online for decorating ideas and had a minor freak out about how we could fit two people comfortably in such a small space. I wanted us to each have our own areas where we could have our space when we needed it.

I knew that if I was going to share such a small space, I needed a professional to help me layout the space so I could utilize every inch. I emailed Terri and asked her to help me. Dustin and I have completely different styles as well. He loves the industrial rustic look, and I’m more of a vintage-modern shabby-chic kind of woman.

Terri happily accepted the challenge of decorating a small space while being hundreds of miles away. I sent her a ton of pictures, measurements, and created a Pinterest board so she could see our styles and ideas. We emailed, talked on the phone and Facebook and via FaceTime. It has been a completely seamless process and we are so happy! She was able to create a design and layout that makes the studio look much bigger, open and inviting.

I am so thankful to Terri for her help in making Dustin’s studio bachelor pad into a home for the both of us! There is no way I could have done it without her help! I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of designing a small space, refreshing something old into something new and fabulous, and for any other interior design needs. You will not regret it, I promise!” Erin F.


It has been our distinct pleasure to work with Terri in aspects of our interior design process. In moving to my husband’s childhood home, we were tasked with combining households (parents’ and our own) and transforming a smaller coastal house to make it ours. We were well underway with a kitchen/dining renovation when we met Terri and I only wish we had been able to incorporate her expertise and vision from the start. Upon viewing her website we felt drawn to her peaceful and artistic style which she lent to our project throughout. With a relatively limited budget, she helped us choose and preserve family antiques and some of our own pieces, while incorporating color and flow with the enhancing furniture, curtains, artwork, and accessories she chose. She was always quick to respond to questions or ideas and she helped guide our combined efforts. Terri’s serene artistic imprint is everywhere you look in our home—but no place more distinctly than in her/our beautiful ocean and sky triptych—which has become a focal point for our coastal home. We believe it is to her credit that she can come into any home, at any point, with any goals—extravagant or limited—and combine vision and effort with clients. We are grateful for her guidance and support and would recommend her wholeheartedly.        Gayle M.

 “I cannot overstate how valuable Terri has been to my husband and me in the creation of two beautiful and very different homes. On our first home, Terri led us in the process of choosing furniture to complement the house’s overall transitional style, and designed custom draperies and bedding out of glorious fabrics, all with an appreciation of our art collection which she incorporated beautifully. This experience left no doubt in our minds that we wanted Terri to play an even greater role when undertaking our new project of designing a very modern home. This time Terri assisted us in developing a grand plan for the home’s interior, including modification of some room dimensions from the original plans, thus improving the allocation of space for each room. She was extremely thorough in consulting the finished plans in order to assist us in the selection of furniture, window treatments, bedding, rugs, light fixtures, and in the placement of our previously owned artwork and accessories.

The outcome of Terri’s thorough approach and artful vision for each of our houses was that we and our guests have been “wowed” by how these homes have flowed from outside to inside, as well as from room to room, and how our homes reflect our personal preferences and style in an extremely tasteful way. Terri’s most notable strengths are her overall creativity, her expertise with color and fabric, the time she takes to understand her client, her flexibility in finding options that meet the client’s pricing needs, and her diligence in searching numerous sources for just the right item. I have, and will continue to, recommend Terri wholeheartedly to my friends as an expert and highly professional interior designer.”

Cindy F.