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Are you ready to build the home of your dreams?

The overwhelming choices and decisions that need to be made can suck the joy out of you

if you don’t stay on the right path.

I will help you stay on track and make the process more enjoyable, more successful,

without too many sleepless nights!


This service kicks off with an overall space analysis to determine if there are some minor tweaks to your builder’s architectural plan that can make a world of difference in the final result. This is the time to look at that builder grade kitchen and make sure there isn’t some improvement to be made. Once those pipes are set, there is no moving that sink!

Or maybe you didn’t notice that it would be real tough to get through that toilet room door, much less maneuver around, if even temporarily handicapped from an accident, like your sister-in-law last year. Or that wall to wall sliding glass door doesn’t leave enough wall space on one side to have that pair of lush silk draperies you have been dreaming about. OR, OR , OR… Let’s just say, I take my job to correct mistakes before they happen very seriously. And I’ve seen enough to know the worst offenses. Hopefully you will be smart and hire me before it’s too late to make some of these changes!

This important first mission should not be taken lightly!

From there, we will jump into some preliminary space planning and lay out the furniture of your desire to make sure it all fits together like a puzzle. I don’t want you to be surprised and discover too late that the gorgeous dining set you have your eye on simply will not fit.

We will review existing furnishings and where they might go as well as that pile of pictures you have been collecting for such a time as this. We will spend some time mulling over those beautiful rooms, smiling, dreaming, planning and maybe sometimes crying when I have to give you a reality shot that there may be a few things which may not fit into that budget realm you just gave me. And speaking of your budget, we will review any set builder allowances and explore the possibility that it may not be sufficient for what you really had in mind. Now is the time to discuss what options you have.

Once we have an overall vision of the look you want, we start our adventure making all those color and material selections your builder is wanting sooner than later. Then I get down to the nitty gritty in conceptual presentations and documentation  which will adequately and meticulously describe your desire. We want no misunderstanding of what you are getting.

At the onset of construction I will be available to consult with your contractor and/or subcontractors to ensure that there is a clear understanding of your wishes between all parties. During construction I will do routine inspections if requested and keep you informed of any concerns that may crop up.



Planning and building a home is a very long process. Your decisions will make or break the success of your project. It is important you choose a designer who will lead you through the maze to ensure your home truly sings in harmony when you turn that key!


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