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Is your home screaming for an update?
Would like to stay in your home for as long as you wish to do so?

I will help you create a sanctuary that will inspire and nourish your soul

to make this the best time in your life.


You love the neighborhood, the property, the lake or whatever and just can’t bear the thought of moving. Problem is your home is no longer serving your needs or is just plain worn out. Or maybe you are downsizing into a new habitat that needs a little tender loving care. I can help you integrate aesthetics with a level of functionality and safety so no one knows where one ends and the other starts.

Now is the time to have that kitchen and bath of your dreams. And perhaps you should also consider removing that dated wallcovering in an adjoining area that you installed back in the ’80’s. Are you holding on to things that no longer serve you? You are in a new phase of your life and you need the space around you to reflect and support that. I will help you integrate the new so it flows seamlessly with existing elements that need to remain. You need an overall plan to invest your monies wisely and keep you on track to achieve a home of harmony and bliss.

A home that flows in harmony breeds a life in harmony!

All projects start with an initial consultation which will begin the process of analyzing your needs, wants, goals, space and budget. From the information gathered I will present a preliminary design concept which will help you visualize the solutions that will revolutionize your life. Once we are in agreement on the general direction of your project, we will proceed with the design development which will adequately and meticulously describe the project to all contractors involved. Floorplans, elevations, color and material selections will be documented to ensure accurate bids are acquired. Having a plan will circumvent any big surprises down the road or disasters that occur when you listen to too many voices that only have their own narrow agenda in mind. During the construction process, I will remain onboard as a consultant to ensure proper interpretation of the plan is delivered. You can expect a few bumps in the road during construction. There always are. As your designer I will represent your interests and work as a team with your contractors to troubleshoot any issues that may come up.



Successful home renovation requires careful planning. Working with an Interior Designer will save you time, stress and money.  No more aggravation of making wrong choices. I will relieve you of all the stress in the multitude of decisions to be made to create a sanctuary you will truly cherish!


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