Project No. 65 / Beauty from Ashes Set/4

$260.00 $130.00


This is the first and last of the paintings done in The Beauty from Ashes Collection.

In this collection, all 5″ x 7″ art pieces were curated from a larger 50″ x 42″ roll of mixed media paper.

I decided to list these as a set because they are finished differently from the rest of the pieces in the collection.

The 5″ x 7″ paintings are mounted on a 8″ x 10″ canvas panel, then the entire piece is sealed and textured with gel gloss and glazed with a diluted mix of raw umber.

This creates a cohesiveness between the art and panel which has a textured plaster look.

What is different about these pieces is I then added a coat of matt medium with inteference colors to simulate an encaustic wax like feel.

I then decided I did not want to finish all the pieces with the same process because this final step muted the colors more than I wanted.

There is nothing wrong with these pieces, they are just a softer wax like look and do not have the same color intensity as the rest of the collection.

Because they are sold as a grouping , I am able to offer reduced pricing than if they were sold individually.

The price includes US shipping.


The Beauty from Ashes Collection is part of my Project No. 65 with the goal of creating 65 pieces of art for my 65th Birthday available for $65 each.


A portion of the proceeds from this project will be donated to a personal ministry helping others who are in need.


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