Fireflies – Original Art by Terri Davis



Fireflies is a  abstract mixed media painting by Terri Davis.

24″ x 24″ x 1.5″ on stretched canva, wired and ready to hang.

Sealed with one coat glossy medium and two coats satin varnish.


This painting is currently being shown at Lina Rincon Gallery in Sarasota, Florida.


“Fireflies, to me, are nightime butterflies,

Dazzling the night with magical flashes of light.

When I see these teeny tiny sparks dart in the night,

I am overcome with a sense of comfort and calm,

same as when butterflies flutters aound me during the day.

I’m drawn to the dance of both astonishing critters.

They remind me of life.

They remind me of hope.”

~Melody Lee, Monn Gypsy ~


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